If you've found your way here, you may already know that my name is Bill and I enjoy writing songs about God. If you did not know that, well now you do. I hope to be faithful with the songs I write. I'm not sure I know how to do that, but I think this website is a start. It contains the lyrics, chord charts, mp3's, even the stories behind the songs. And it is all free to you. So look around. Enjoy. And thanks for stopping by.
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Easter: Stories and Songs

(produced by Greg Adkins and Bill Wolf, 2010)

Songs written and stories wrestled with for more than two years have here found their home in one place. During my study of the Book of John, I realized how much the gospel writer slows down when he comes to the last few days of Jesus' life. He spends almost one half of his 21 chapters to recount those last days. As John slowed down his writing, I was forced to slow down my studying. Easter: Stories and Songs came from that slow walk through the passion story. Everything from the lyrics of the songs to the binding of the book has been my expression of the power which coursed through me as I read for the hundreth time, but seemingly for the first, the story of Christ's death, burial and resurrection as it is found in John's Gospel.

The CD was recorded live at Powell Church in Powell, TN during the course of two evenings. Is it good? Ha. I never know the answer to that question when it comes to something I have made. Is it meaningful? Absolutely, if to no one but myself. And the great thing is, when you spend no money and all heart...that is literally all that matters.

I do hope, however, that it is meaningful to others. I hope that it brings glory to Christ in the hearts of people other than myself. I hope and I pray that. But I have no control over that. I can only control how closely this project remains to the dreams birthed in me for it. And thus, I am proud to say, it is better than I could have imagined.

1) Emmanuel
2) Christ Our Wine
3) What Kind of God are You
4) In the Garden is Weeping
5) He Did Not Speak, He Did Not Fight
6) Sing Hosanna
7) Bleeding Savior Torn for Us
8) O The Lifeless Body (of Matchless Worth)
9) A Kingdom Now Dawning
10) According to Thy Gracious Word